The evolution of Sawdust. Summa's Story

Sawdust is the brainchild of director Summa, whose creativity and imagination has taken the business from a part-time hobby to a fully fledged, nationwide business with it's very own workshop and showroom. In this blog we take a look at the inspiring story of Sawdust and the strength and determination that led to its success.

All good stories start at the beginning, the beginning of Summa's story sees a young woman working a full-time job and creating unique handmade items of furniture for her own home. Summa loved the look of unique and handcrafted wooden furniture and her first dabble in woodwork was when she attempted to make shelves. It turned out that she had a talent for it and they turned out really well. Excited by the success of the shelves and enjoying her new hobby, she embarked on a new challenge and created a dining table and benches. The design worked brilliantly and Summa's friends and family were all stunned at what she had made. Little did everyone know how the story would unfold. Summa began offering items to friends and family and it was clear that she should put her talents to good use more permanently.

As COVID hit and the country went into lockdown Summa was still juggling working nights and making small furniture items for people locally. Being an energetic person and always looking for a new challenge, Summa bought a laser machine and started creating gorgeous personalised gifts. Again, friends and family were stunned by the quality and encouraged her to offer them to a wider audience. Thus began 'Sawdust' and Summa started offering small personalised items, pocket hugs and handmade wooden shelves, tables and benches on eBay and Facebook. No one could have predicted what would happen next....

Whilst still working nights, she started advertising the handcrafted items she was making and soon the orders for bespoke items started flooding in. Armed with hundreds of pocket hugs in envelopes Summa stood in the Post Office on a daily basis, everyday wondering when things would start to slow down, but this was just the beginning. The furniture items gained traction too and orders were building up. After a serious conversation with her partner Chantelle, Summa decided that she could no longer divide her attention between a full-time job and Sawdust so she made the brave decision to put her time where her heart belonged and concentrate on Sawdust as a full-time venture.

She designed a large range of different items and began renting a small workshop and devised a business model which would eventually see her custom made home bars, furniture and laser items being delivered all over the country.

It wasn't all plain sailing. The business has had to overcome break-ins, floods, COVID, technical problems and many other issues but Summa's tenacity has meant that Sawdust comes back stronger every time. Sawdust is a business that always strives to improve and puts customer care at the forefront of it's growth. The rate at which Sawdust has grown has been incredible and Summa has proved that you can follow your passion and love what you do every day.

Whilst it's true that the company has grown exponentially and seen many changes in a short space of time, one thing has remained steadfast throughout and that is the deep sense of pride the team have when they hear from a satisfied customer.

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