Meet the team- Rian

Over the next few months we are going to bring you the faces behind the products at Sawdust Group. We use local folk to help create our bespoke products here in Somerset and they are an integral part of our company.

In this blog we meet Rian. A much respected member of the team who brings both a high level of skill with a cheeky side of humour to the workshop. We love working with Rian and as far as we can tell he loves it here too.

Role- Sawdust Maker

When I'm not covered in sawdust I am- Enjoying family time

Favourite thing about working with Sawdust Group Ltd- The team. The Sawdust atmosphere is such a good laugh.

I most enjoy making- I love creating roofed bars. We install these on site for customers and I love getting out and meeting them. Their reactions to the finished products makes the hard work all worthwhile.

Rian is definitely a hard worker. He is a highly respected member of our team here and his family-orientated mindset certainly shines through in the way that he is respectful to others at work.

We are also really proud of the input that Rian has when creating his favourite product, the roofed bars. His customer service skills represent the values we hold as a company and it is great to see those mirrored through those that work with us.

Thanks for all your efforts Rian- it's great to have you on board.

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