Sawdust news for July

This month has been so much fun for us here at Sawdust. With lot's of exciting things going on in the workshop, designing and making new products that have proven highly popular.

We put a new meaning to the term 'team building' this month when we all travelled to our clients home to install their roofed garden bar built by us. This custom order was an enclosed, roofed bar with a shutter and a hatch and it looked absolutely stunning in our clients garden. Needless to say, they were thrilled. Our team spend a lot of time in the workshop creating our orders so it was great to get them out and about meeting customers and helping with an on-site installation. We won't focus too much on the fact that we did this during the recent heatwave... (sorry boys)

Lot's of other exciting things are happening down at our workshop in Somerset. We will be opening another unit where we will have a large range of our items set up on display. A lot of customers have difficulty in choosing colours or design with the amount of choice we offer so, we decided that having some items available to view might help everyone out. More to be announced on this soon!

As much as we enjoyed the sunshine (the paint certainly dries quicker) we have been glad of some cooler weather which makes the workshop much more tolerable and nationwide deliveries a bit easier- although our new van is a pretty comfy drive now!

As well as creating our regular orders we have been thinking about new products and would love to hear your ideas? Our new, tile top premium bars have been absolutely flying out and we are so glad that they have proven popular. Watch this space for other tiled products coming soon.

That's it from us this time, in our next blog we are going to start introducing you to our amazing team members. Until then we hope everyone is managing to enjoy some family time during the Summer.

Stay safe.


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